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A module for WP Manga to automate your manga website.

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This module of WP Manga will add these functionalities to your manga website.

  • Turn your manga website into and automated manga website.
  • Lots of manga sources to allow you to have over thousands of mangas. We provide optional scrapper module with lots purchasable scrapper engine add-ons which would allow you to have thousands of manga series. We will keep building new engines so you can have even more mangas series for your website. For your information, this scrapper module includes MRD engine by default. (Click here to find more scrapper engines)
  • You can determine whether to store the scrapped images on your server or not (Mirrored). If not, the script will only stores image URLs so the manga reader will load the images directly from it’s source.
  • Stable, powerful and reliableCrawler/scrapper engines. This is the key of the automation. Just select which mangas you wish to add to your collection and let the crawler work for you.
  • Select mangas that you wish to have via the powerful and professional Scrapper Catalog to add to your manga website since we have an admin page to do that.
  • Scrapper Manager to enable you to manage mangas which will be scrapped via the cron. You may also run the cron manually for all mangas or for every manga.
  • Secured and flexible cron link so it won’t be accessible by outsiders. You can also set the CRON range to allow faster scrapping.
  • Personalize file naming for scrapped images. There is an option to set up how the scrapped images will be renamed as stored on your server
  • Use/utilize web proxies for scrapping to keep your server anonymous. This feature is optional
  • Automated images watermarking. This feature is optional. Scrapped mangas’ images can be automatically watermarked with a provider image and determined position.
  • Store scrapped images to another server. This feature is optional
  • Clean-up feature. This will detect any duplicated chapters and remove it easily.

How to work with the scrapper?

As you installed WP Manga to your wordpress. There will be a scrapper menu. There, you will select a manga source and it will list down all available mangas from the source. After that, you just need to select which mangas you want to scrap or you may simply select all to scrap all those mangas. At this step, WP Manga will only get all manga information and store it to your database, no chapters yet so far. Finally, let the crawler(which will be a CRON job) do its task to retrieve all manga chapters and keep your website automatically updated when new chapters are available from the source. All scrapped mangas and chapters will be stored into your web server.

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